Monday, June 27, 2016

A fitness frugalminimalist

Father of Pierini Fitness - a circa
 1957 fitness frugalminimalist
What’s the difference between being a fitness frugalist and a fitness minimalist?

A frugalist is someone who practices frugalism by being frugal.  Frugal may be defined as practicing economy such as in the spending of money or the use of material resources.  Frugal is that which is simple or costing little, meager or inexpensive. 

A fitness frugalist focuses on eliminating fitness expenses that are not necessary.

So a fitness frugalist may belong to a “no frills gyms” rather than one having many bells and whistles.  

In the case of a train-at-home fitness dude, the fitness frugalist may have anywhere from a simple to a vast inventory of fitness equipment and gadgets inexpensively self-constructed, or purchased second-hand at garage sales or thrift stores instead of from high-end bricks and mortar retail stores or internet websites.

A minimalist is someone who practices minimalism.  A minimalist focuses on eliminating complexity that comes from possessing many things and instead prefers to have no more than what is “needed”.  Of course what is needed is in the eyes of the beholder.

A fitness minimalist focuses on having simplicity in their fitness pursuits. 

So a fitness minimalist may not belong to a gym or own any fitness equipment.  A run in the neighborhood park and performing bodyweight-only exercises such as calisthenics is how they may do their fitness training. Or they may own a few items of fitness equipment and gadgets rather than many; they may or may not be expensive.

So what am I - a fitness frugalist or a fitness minimalist?

At this chapter in my middle-aged man life, I’m striving to be a fitness frugalminimist.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

I know that I am a fitness-frugal-minimalist. However, over the years there's plenty of physical fitness devices/gadgets around my home that would beg to differ.

I basically have collected a lot of crap.

pierini said...

I've given away lots of "crap" - good stuff that I've lost interest in - that was discovered by someone else somewhere and obtained for a good price bargain. I'm done now to a pullup/dip/pushup station, a pair of 5-lb. DBs for a heavyhands workout, a jump rope, and two KBs - a 20kg and a 24kg. These, along with my trusted HR monitor is all I need for the rest of my life.

Always a challenge though to avoid the temptation and relapse for buying more in a moment of weakness.