Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Awesome and powerful

Since powering PIerini Fitness back up the beginning of this year, I’ve shared much about diet and nutrition, drawing from personal fitness, health and wellness goals I was chasing.  I’ve written about diet and nutrition in years past, including intermittent fasting (IF) which is, simply, an eating timing protocol helping one practicing it eat a sensible amount of food.

I've previously written:  

“Eat and exercise as little as possible to be as 
fit,  functional and strong as you need to 
be living the life you've chosen."

Read more here:  Prescription for today

I won’t devote any time to explaining IF or listing the many versions of it existing; that’s your job if you’re interested.  But what I will do is share that I’ve used it very successfully, both past and present, to meet my goals.  Even after having “arrived” at a target bodyweight, I continue practicing it because of its economy and efficiency.  

And, I’m about ready to practice a more challenging version of it for this upcoming Lent 2019, something I’ll share the details about within the next week.  Until then, let me part with a few words what I think about IF, based on my experiences.

For me, IF is a discipline builder that contributes tremendously to my fitness, health and wellness goals.  Unbridled discipline is awesome and powerful.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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