Friday, May 1, 2009

Because you are killing all of them

This is the fifth and final of five consecutive daily blogflections by middle-age men guest bloggers. 

Today’s guest blogger is Jim Carlson, a real estate professional with over 30 years of experience serving corporate and institutional owners with real estate sales, leasing and property management. 

More importantly, Jim is a bona-fide middle-age man with a level of fitness that the seat of his pants doesn’t rip when he bends over, and he can run up a flight of stairs without being winded at the top.

What follows is Jim Carlson’s guest blogflection.

Often in my life as a middle age man, thoughts come to mind such as did I choose the right vocation or career.

Should I have been a fireman, politician, professional athlete, doctor, lawyer, etc? As I reflect upon possible careers and vocations, the thought enters my mind of whether I listened to God.

Is my current career His plan for me, or did the voice from God in my younger years say something different?

I look back at the last 30 years and ask myself why I have done my type of work as a real estate professional. I was given a chance to choose what I hoped was God’s Plan. Some were not given this chance to respond or a chance to answer God’s call.

A news article I read last month reported a small plane crash in Butte, Montana, killing seven adults and seven children. Among these casualties were two children, two sons-in law and five grandchildren of the owner of Family Planning Associates.

More innocent unborn infants never experience life due to abortions performed by Family Planning Associates; they perform more abortions than Planned Parenthood.

The plane crashed in Holy Cross Cemetery, the site of a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary at the "Tomb of the Unborn". Many biblical readings can sure explain this providential event.

In my prayer and reflections is a question that I read a few years ago that had a profound effect upon me. It goes like this: “Lord, how come there are so few priests, doctors, and those that are really your true servants?”

Our Lord responded, “Because you are killing all of them.”


Charles Long said...

I remember hearing about the plane crash but I never paid attention to the details. Wow. Thanks for a very thought provoking post. said...

Good thoughts. My wife and I are Pro-Life; we have often contemplated what tremendous potential and advancement the human race might have had from some of the unborn infants that have been aborted.

Greg "VRT Man" Mangan