Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Busy being fit, healthy and well

A 7:15 am. set of overhead press work, with
The Hook and 45-lbs. of resistance on each side,
  at  my office before beginning my "rat race" work day.

It always happens this time of year when I’m extra busy with work, something that’ll continue being my case for the next month.  I must try harder squeezing in my workouts, they must be more condensed and efficient, or they won’t happen at all, and delivering new Pierini Fitness content starts to decline.

Thanks to new fitness tools recently purchased, my condensed and efficient workouts are taking place in a spare room at my office.  

I’m using the amazing “fitness tools” created by a legendary serial fitness equipment inventor -  Bruce “The Hook” Tackett - and his Sierra Exercise Equipment company.  I personally know Bruce, he's a fellow cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother, and his The Hook Resistance Band Training System along with The Isometric/Suspension Trainer are among the cleverest fitness training tools I’ve ever owned.

My new fitness tools include a pair of handles, an anchor, an adequate supply of resistance bands and isometric/suspension trainer. 

The handles
These are the fastest loading handles for changing resistance bands I’ve ever used. Changing resistance is swift, you do so by easily adding or removing resistance bands.  I can use many resistance bands to create a resistance load mirroring my days of lifting heavy barbells.  The handles have dense foam grips which gives me a comfortable yet strong grip.

The anchor
This gets my five-star rating for design creativity.  The anchor is strong and secure, thereby allowing it to be safely-mounted on top of a closed door and various other anchor points.  It can even be looped around a bar or tree limb.   I’m still discovering how to use this to its full potential.

The Bands
Bruce sells them in 15 and 5 lb. resistance and I have a good starter supply of both.  These are made of surgical tubing and seem to have the resiliency needed for retaining their shape and resistance provided.

The Isometric/Suspension Trainer
This is a poor man’s version of expensive suspension trainers you often see in gyms.  It’s used with the handles and anchor to allow unlimited isometric and bodyweight exercises.  I'm only limited by my imagination.  There are 30 numbered loops spaced six inches apart, thereby allowing a precision with my range of motion for maximum training benefit.  As previously mentioned, I’m very busy with work right now so training time is of my essence.

Learn more about The Hook Resistance Band and Isometric/Suspension Training System by visiting the Sierra Exercise Equipment website here:

Note that Pierini Fitness seldom makes a pitch for others and receives no compensation when doing so.  He's just sharing how one middle-aged fitness dude is going about chasing fitness, health and wellness.

Thus far, I’ve completed several quick workouts using my new fitness tools.  One workout is a series of isometric overhead press work for five different positions using my isometric suspension trainer.

Each position inches me upwards to a fully-extended lockout isometric contraction for the fifth and final position.  I hold each isometric contraction for a breathing 10-count, resting for a 5-count and repeat for a total of three contractions.  Then, I advance to the next position.  

This brief, yet challenging, isometric workout consists of 15 isometric contractions and takes a little more than five minutes to complete.  Then, I switch gears and use resistance bands for closing overhead press work. 

Yesterday’s workout, for example, was completing as many sets as possible, with as little rest between sets as possible, using decreasing resistance for each succeeding set.  I started with 45-lbs. of resistance on each side, then 30-lbs. resistance and finally 15-lbs. resistance.  For the 15-lbs. of resistance, I completed three sets to fill up the 10 minutes allotted for this workout.  It was 10 minutes well spent and my shoulder muscles felt worked.

So, despite being very busy with work right now, thanks to my new fitness tools, Pierini Fitness is also busy being fit, healthy and well.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

"poor man’s version of expensive suspension trainers"

The belt, handles, and anchor total $102.85 w/o tax or shipping. It may be great for the price, but that's kind of expensive for this poor man.

Pierini Fitness said...

Understand Anonymous, thanks for visiting and my best wishes that you win the lottery soon.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, do you actually use this device?

From what I can tell, Bruce the creator of this device is not in any shape which one would in anyway describe as good. It would appear that many on his forum want people to purchase this - BUT - almost none of them use it on a regular basis. He's a jerk who wishes a horrible death upon the US president. To top it off he and his forum routinely advocate against capitalism all the while trying to sell this overpriced gadget.

His forum is now dead to me.

Pierini Fitness said...

I haven’t used it lately because I’m concentrating on training differently in ways that better align with my fitness training personality.

Thanks for visiting Pierini Fitness and sharing. Enjoy your shelter in place day.