Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Time for another Magic 50

You can judge a challenging and tough workout by how infrequently you perform it.  For me, Ross Enamait’s Magic 50 is near the top of my list.

The Magic 50 is one of many routines contained within Ross Enamait’s book Infinite Intensity, circa 2005.  The prescribed workout is to complete five rounds of the following:

  • 5 dumbbell snatches per arm
  • 5 dumbbell swings per arm
  • 10 burpees
  • Rest 60 seconds or less between rounds

I’ve probably done this metabolic conditioning workout 10 times in my middle-aged man fitness training life and only twice thus far in 2019.  I use a 20kg kettlebell instead of the prescribed dumbbell and the swings I do target a chest-level top height.  Here’s my latest effort last Sunday:

Studying the video to assess my effort, several thoughts come to mind:

(   (1)  I did this workout fasted, during the 20th hour of my fasting period, and the fatigue I exhibit is explained by this.  Next time I do this workout, I’m eating beforehand.

(  (2)  Consequently, I lack textbook hip hinge in my kettlebell movements.  I’ll improve the next time.

(   (3)  My rest times between rounds were 0:39, 0:45, 0:39 and 0:43 so I met the benchmark of resting no more than 60 seconds between rounds.

    (4)  My 5th round time was 1:29, not bad considering my fatigue.  I completed the last 10 burpees in 0:36; again, not bad according to me.

(   (5)  My overall time to complete the 5 rounds was 10:38 which is the best-known time in my training journals.

It might be a while before I do it again, but one thing is for sure, whenever I need a good test of my cardiovascular conditioning, it’s time for another Magic 50.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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