Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coming up short

A goal of mine for September was to walk 100 miles and I wrote about it in my September 1st blogflection here:

Well the month is over and I only walked 66 miles, missing my goal by a whopping 34 miles.

So where did I go wrong to come up short?

I started off strong even though I didn’t walk on the first day of the month. The next day however I walked 4 miles, the start of an 11 day walking blitz before taking a rest. At mid-month I was at 45 miles, within striking distance of my 100-mile goal.

Then I started to miss walking days as a "work" mindset started to settle in my mind. An upcoming weightlifting competition convinced me to rest so I didn't walk for 5 consecutive days. Then, feeling “pressure”, I resumed walking after the competition and banged out a staggering 10 miles on September 21st, bring my total to 55 miles for the month. At that point I thought I would be good for 75 miles by month-end. That 10-mile day, however, dampened my drive and I took the next 3 days off, then only managed a single mile on the next day. Then another day off and I was running out of time. I closed the month out with 10 miles on the last 3 days of the month.

So I ended with 66 miles. In elementary school that would have been 66 percent on a test, giving me a D letter grade at best. Beats an F grade I guess. On a brighter note, several of my walks were with my wife in the evening. While the pace was slower, the company was great.

October is a new month and a chance to set another goal, one that is a little more realistic. A 75-mile goal sound reasonable to me so that is what it will be.

Well I missed my goal and I’m a little disappointed because I don’t like coming up short.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


joan said...

Well then Perini....let's shoot for at least 50 for the month of November.

As you may or may not know, I've retired from competitive Pro bodybuilding as of last month and I am not about to get fat!

pierini said...

Hi Joan and thanks for stopping by.

Actually my goal for October is 75 miles and I'll be lucky at this point to log 50 miles. I've had problems with my left anterior tibialis that makes walking uncomfortable.

Olympic lifting would be a perfect fit for your talents as you ponder what's next. Step onto the platform. I know you'd dig it.

Have a great weekend!