Friday, October 10, 2008

I need a haircut

It's time to visit my barber. It's been at least two month since my last haircut. These days I only get a haircut about 5 times a year because my hair grows slower than when I was younger.

Most middle-age men do not spend much money on their hair. My barber is definitely not getting rich from my business. I always ask for a standard middle-age man haircut, which costs me $15. I give my barber a $20 bill and tell him to keep the change. It's a fast haircut, around 20 minutes from in the chair to out the door or $1 a minute. I don't do the hair color thing so there's no extra cost there; therefore I spend about $100 a year to keep my locks in order.

The barbershop is not where I go to live on the wild side. The haircut I get is predictably the same, as is the way I comb my hair. I'm a creature of habit. Shampoo it in the morning, towel dry it, then a quick 15 seconds or less combing, all back with a subtle part in the middle; not a sharp part in the middle like Alfalfa of The Little Rascals but one that naturally flops into being due to my thinner hair.

I still have a full head of hair though and for that I am most grateful, but it is not as thick like when I was younger. When I let my hair grow longer in those thicker days, I could sport a look like the late Tex-Mex musician Freddy Fender. About 10 years ago I let my hair grow longer and wore a ponytail for a while until I got tired of it. It was fun to look like a biker for a while.

Now I sport streaks of gray and white hair, my wisdom streaks, as I like to call them. I've learned that they are less visible when my hair is longer, and really stand out with a big smile when my hair is shorter. Maybe that's why I like to wear my hair longer these days.

In my travels to Europe, I've had the opportunity to get a haircut while on vacation - two haircuts in Turkey, one in Istanbul and the other in a small town the name of which I can't remember, and a haircut in Italy, at a barbershop in the Trastevere area of Rome. I gave that barber a big tip and he had a giant smile on his face. Seems like tipping barbers isn't as common in Italy as it is in America.

Well I've rambled enough and my hair is getting longer with each moment of procrastination. I better get over to see my barber soon because I need a haircut.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Laura k said...

Enjoyable blogging as always mr. p

Get your hair cut before people start giving you their spare change in the street.

pierini said...

Hey that's a great idea!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!