Thursday, April 15, 2010

Combat tour of duty

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Today marks the end of my 2010 busy work season. While my April 15th has yet to begin as I compose today’s blogflection, I have a sense that this year will be smoother than the past.

My busiest work season ever was in 1988 when a fellow CPA who I shared office space with learned in mid-January that he needed an immediate major operation, about the time his busy work season was starting. I agreed to help him by serving his clients while he was away to keep them from going elsewhere.

It was a colossal undertaking that challenged me in ways that I haven’t since been challenged. The long hours I worked that year - day in and day out - and the stress of serving both his clients and mine was overwhelming. I remember going to work early that year on April 14th and working nonstop until the late evening of April 15th the following day - a total of over 36 hours of nonstop working without sleep. I did take a short break early in the morning on April 15th to go home and take a shower and freshen up because the “stench” of nonstop working and sitting was getting the better half of me.

Today will be nothing like that, yet I’ll still be running on adrenaline as that’s all my body and mind knows from years being in the tax season trenches. It takes a long time to teach an old dog new tricks and I’m an old dog in this work world in which I exist.

Sometime later today there finally will be a dissipation of my tanked adrenaline that will be replaced with a long overdue calmness that will surface like a rainbow in the sky after a torrential rain storm. At some point I’ll let out a believable big sigh of relief and start feeling elated like a sailor returning home from a combat tour of duty.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


fishhead said...

Yay, it's almost over.

I just heard on the radio: free Starbuck's coffee today if you bring your own mug. You might need an IV drip today though. And a foley (urinary) catheter - lol !! Sometimes I feel like I need one of those at my work when we have no time to go to the bathroom. TMI ???

Have a great day!

Steve I said...

Its ironic that the more tax preps you perform, the more you make, the more taxes you pay. Good luck Ed!