Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'll be back for more

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Yesterday I returned to my gym sporting both some fitness and strength erosion from hit and miss (mostly miss) training during my busy work season. My previous barbell workout was on April 1st and it was a very abbreviated one that consisted of a couple sets of squats and squat cleans at a hurried “something is better than nothing” pace.

Arriving at my gym mid-morning both mentally and physically tired, I promised myself a pleasant reintroduction to barbell weight training and I kept true to my promise. After investing 15 minutes walking on the treadmill to move the blood slosh in my arteries and veins from cardio inactivity, I then ventured to the weight room and completed the following combo sets:

Combo #1 - barbell front squats for 10 reps followed by standard grip pullups for 10 reps

Combo #2 - barbell bench press for 10 reps followed by standard grip chinups for 8 reps

Combo #3 - barbell bent-over rowing for 10 reps followed by close grip pullups for 10 reps

Combo #4 - barbell overhead push press for 10 reps followed by close grip chinups for 10 reps

For combo #3, the bent-over rowing and the close grip pullup reps were broken, and for combo #4, the close grip chinup reps were broken since I'm sporting some endurance erosion and didn’t give myself sufficient recovery to take that into account.

Overall, it was a pleasant workout that left my muscles feeling worked and a fresh reminder that I’m only as good as my last workout. But rest assured that I’ll be back for more.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Bob said...

Do you miss the camaraderie you had at your old small gym? I'm probably wrong, but since you moved gyms it seems your workout commitment has diminished a little.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Bob,

Once in while I miss my old gym but my current one is very nice with its amenities and its hard to not like them.

Good observation and some truth but a pair of injured shoulders and my busy work season were the real contributors to my hit and miss training as of late.

As i said in this blogflection, I'll be back for more.

Thanks for your visit and have a great weekend!