Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time for another burpee challenge

Almost seven years ago I came up with a bright idea that became known as my burpee challenge. 

Starting on January 1st until my birthday about six weeks later, I challenged myself to complete 54 burpees at the end of my workout each Monday through Friday.  There was a little self-imposed punishment in this challenge if I failed to get my daily 54 burpees completed.

The theme of this challenge was “no burpees today no food tomorrow”.  Why 54?  That was how old I would be on my birthday.

I had fun with this little challenge, stuck to it never missing a burpee day and, therefore, never missing a meal the following day.

On my 54th birthday, I completed 54 burpees for the last time and called this project a success.  Somewhere along the way I had a nice uptick in my cardiovascular conditioning and, I’m sure, became mentally tougher too.

I’ve done burpees here and there since then but not with the regularity and tenacity I had during that brief period.

So as I think about how to physically challenge myself with my fitness training, I’ve come up with the bright idea that it’s time for another burpee challenge. 

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum 


Anonymous said...

What kind of burpee do you perform?

pierini said...

The Ross Enamait version with perhaps not quite the jump that Ross does because I'm a middle-aged man. But my hands definitely reach for the sky and there's a bona-fide jump with every rep. Thanks for asking.