Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The legend of Freddy Fender

Over the almost 9-year and illustrious history of Pierini Fitness, its chief executive blogger has devoted a couple middle-aged man reflections to the topic of a haircut.  Today is another one.

You see, this middle-aged man needs a haircut.  Nowadays, he only needs one about four times a year.  His haircut is in past due status.  Critics are sounding off with increasing regularity and they’re not saying nice things.

But he remains steadfast to hold out longer.  How long? Who knows; time will tell.

Even though his hair doesn’t grow on the wild side and thickly like his good olden days, if it’s watered enough, given some sunshine and lots of Father Time, it’ll eventually wildly blossom.

Still, I’ve got a way to go before entering that coveted status of being a mullet man.  I’m not sure that sporting a 2017 mullet, however, is a goal of mine but it’s a pleasant passing thought.

But, it would be nice to let it grow longer and wilder to pay tribute to and honor the legend of Freddy Fender.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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