Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bring in some subs

In nine days, an outstanding dream team of middle-age men guest bloggers will begin gracing Pierini Fitness for five consecutive days. Each day, a different middle-age man guest blogger will offer the cyberspace blogsphere some alternative and fresh middle-age man ramblings about everything under the sun, and give the chief executive blogger a much deserved vacation.

All guest bloggers have submitted their manuscripts and I’ve had a chance to read them all. If the collective wisdom and sage counsel in these five upcoming blogflections could be bottled like a bottle of fine wine, it would sell for a pretty penny premium. But reading them won’t cost you one cent, only an early morning daily visit to Pierini Fitness while you sip on your morning cup of coffee or tea.

It all begins on Monday, April 27th and ends on Friday, May 1st. Mark those dates on your calendar and stayed tuned as the chief executive blogger, like a football or basketball coach, calls a time out to bring in some subs.

Pax Domini sit simper vobiscum

1 comment:

Charles Long said...

If it would sell for a pretty penny premium, it must be the other 4 guest bloggers that are raising the price.