Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon in my basement

Trying to resume some regularity to my fitness training and staying closer to home because my wife has been ill, yesterday afternoon I went down to my basement after work for a quick bodyweight-only workout. My plan was to do something quick in 15 minutes or less so I did a 3-exercise circuit consisting of these exercises:

I alternated my grips performing my patented 6-grip pullup/chinup medley for 5 reps each round. I described this medley here: My 6-grip pullup/chin medley

Atlas pushups
I did these deep descending pushups using the pushup handles on my pullup station and had my feet elevated on a wooden pallet about 12 inches high for 10 reps each round.

Walking lunges with a front kick
I concluded the circuit with this fun exercise for 15 reps each round. I demonstrated it here: Walking lunges with a kick

Remember, I’ve experienced some fitness erosion that I wrote about yesterday so be easy on me when I tell you that it took me 14:16 to complete 6 rounds of this circuit.

It wasn’t an awesome workout performance that will win awards and praise from my critics, but it sure was a quick and fun yesterday afternoon in my basement.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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