Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still chasing 20 reps

Yesterday afternoon was a training day and I did front squats, squat snatches, clean high pulls and clean & jerk singles. Other than the front squats, it was a light training day focusing on speed and technique rather than weight. I set a PR in the front squat but my form was terrible so I'll call it a technical failure. It's still a PR in my book but there will be no video to showcase my poor form. I've got more work to do in that department.

I weighed in prior to my workout at 175 lbs. which is the lightest I've weighed since the morning of my 50th birthday over 4 years ago. I'm still sold on a Monday through Friday intermittent fasting (IF) lifestyle but I do need to eat more. There's nothing for me to gain by losing more weight.

At the end of my workout, I decided to perform a single set of standard-grip pullups to failure. My PR from several years ago was 18 reps before I got sidetracked and started chasing other fitness goals. During that era, I also performed a single set of standard-grip chinups for 20 reps. I've always wanted to complete a single set of standard-grip pullups for 20 reps and believe that I'll do so sometime this year. If it doesn't happen then so be it because I will have had fun trying.

Here's today's effort of 16 reps, the most I've done since resuming pullup training:

Studying my video reminds me to work on my bottom extension. I still think my reps are decent enough for a middle-age man. The video gives the 25-year young "Form Police" something to do, and it motivates and reminds me that I'm still chasing 20 reps.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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William Sullivan said...

Form, shmorm. You are doing great, man. Keep it up.