Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Choose your haircuts wisely

About three months ago I shared how I now have a new barber.  He’s 80 years young and I’ve been to see him twice, both times enjoying our chat and his seasoned wisdom.

There’s a certain amount of getting to know your hair and the haircut style you like that every good barber must deal with.  And there’s also a learning curve for the middle-aged man dealing with a new barber in developing a communication and comprehension synchronism when explaining the haircut desired. 

In any event, a couple weeks ago I made my three-month barber visit for another haircut.  Such visits are less frequent nowadays because my hair doesn’t grow like wild weeds like my good olden days.  

I decided this time I wanted a shorter haircut than last time.  So I explained what I wanted while my barber cautiously and slowly went to work.  He paused here and there asking for feedback which I gave him in his earnest desire to give me a good cut.

Well at the end of his assignment, he had cut my hair exactly as I instructed him but what I learned is that this style of cut and shortness didn’t accentuated any fading middle-aged man appeal left in my bodily north pole.  

In fact, what it did was more prominently showcase my aging gray hair and the rough lines making up the shape of my head.  I was left with not a hint of any middle-aged man glamour.  Not that I had any real glamour to begin with but there was this illusion of imaginary glamour I thought I saw when looking at myself in the mirror.

But after the haircut, I couldn’t convince myself of seeing even a drop of imaginary glamour existing during daily encounters with my bathroom mirror.

So the lesson I learned and the lesson for all middle-aged men of the world, particularly when dealing with a new barber, is to choose your haircuts wisely.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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