Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not adoring our snoring

There’s a statistic floating around on the internet estimating that approximately 45 percent of the population snores and 25 percent are habitual snorers.  

I haven’t sought out statistics about middle-aged man snoring but my guess is that this percentage may be higher.  And I suppose middle-aged women also snore but this Pierini Fitness blogflection will focus on us guys.

One internet website, WebMD, explains that snoring is the physical obstruction of airflow through the mouth and nose.  This occurs due to obstructed nasal airways, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, bulky throat tissue and a long soft palate and/or uvula.  It, snoring that is, occurs more frequently in overweight men and generally gets worse with age.

There are health-related risks associated with snoring; you can read about them elsewhere if you’re interested. 

Well this middle-aged man has been put on notice, actually for some time, that he snores.  What should he do?

There’s no shortage of solutions offered and an internet search will reveal many of them if you’re interested.  Some are of the “snake oil” variety while others offer a medical procedure approach.  And yet others are more common sense do-it-yourself suggestions that may put an end to this middle-aged man nighttime trumpeting.  These suggestions include changing sleeping position, losing weight, and knocking off drinking alcohol adult beverages before bedtime.

There’s also something else I read that contributes to snoring and this is being excessively tired from either working too hard or being sleep-deprived from a cumulative lack of sleep for whatever reason.  In these instances, when we finally hit the sack, we sleep hard and deep, our muscles become floppier and this creates snoring according to one “snoring expert”.

Like all middle-aged man crosses we carry, this one is not so simple and reading more about it makes me so sleepy.  Maybe reading about snoring is a good way for middle-aged man insomniacs to finally get their overdue visit from Mr. Sandman.

And when this does happen, we’ll sleep so deeply like that drunken Navy sailor on liberty who just got sucker-punched in a nightclub brawl while our little lady wife lays next to us in bed, wide awake not adoring our snoring.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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