Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A broken sound bite

I’m sick and tired about the constant news of whether the Federal Reserve Board will or will not raise interest rates. 

Quite frankly most people, and I’ll stick my neck out and say most businesses, are really not that interested in the latest headline about how “A lack of interest-rate action – and no firm sign of when to expect it – is playing on nerves at home and abroad.”  This is according to a recent U.S. News and World Report article with an intended nerve-wrecking title “As an Anxious World Turns, the Fed Stands Pat”.

We’ve been fed this broken record news headline for way too long by the media.  Has anyone ever asked us if we want to continue being bombarded with this rerun news? 

Nobody has asked me and I haven’t met one person who’s nervous about this.

Business and financial news has become one big yawn in my opinion. 

People are more interested in who’s going to win the World Series this time of the year. 

One day the stock market drops due to fears about the Federal Reserve Board raising interest rates and then the next day it rebounds because some member of the Federal Reserve Board thinks rates should not be adjusted upward until next year. 

I’ll tell you what I think.

But for the most part, people don’t care; this I really believe. 

Yet the media continues to report this old news. 

Perhaps because it’s an easy script to write and it easily fills space they have available to report the news.  They have a dozen templates out there of this news story so all they have to do is just update it with a few current figures and statements some big shot has made.

Every news-reporting agency is drinking the same Kool-Aid and reporting the same old news about interest rates and I’m tired of it!

This interest rate stuff and whether the Federal Reserve Board will or will not raise interest rates has become one big bore and a broken sound bite.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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