Friday, October 23, 2015

Quietly joined the 800 Club

Blogging is fun and has provided me with much self-discovery over the past seven years about who is this middle-aged man known to me as me. 

My reflective thinking about living and dying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life teaches me much and gives me an abundant archive I can draw from in time of need to share with others.  I hope there’s much more I’ll produce in the next nine years and 33 cents of remaining life being a middle-aged man.

In my world, I’ll become an “old man” when my biological clock strikes 70 years.

When I reflect back on the past seven years, there were times when I was quite manic in my blogging.  One year I didn’t miss a day and cyber-published 365 blogflections.  

Then there was a time when I retired but eventually came back much like an old prize-fighting boxer who calls it quits, misses the glory and returns for another round in the spotlight.

What makes me want to do this is a question I sometimes ask myself. 

The short answer is that I’m a blogger.  A real blogger has thoughts and feelings dancing in their minds they're not willing to keep to themselves.  So they choose a cyberspace medium to barf them out for the world to know.  They generally excelled at Show and Tell Time during their elementary school years. 

And a true blogger doesn’t care one bit if the only person reading their compositions is him or her.

That’s me; a true blogger.

Sort of like that lost soul standing on a street corner in a large city preaching to the masses about their salvation, or ranting in rage about a corrupt politician and a democracy that favors the wealthy at the expense of all others.

So I’ll continue blogging knowing that some days my delivery will be bland and not interesting to those deciding to take a peek at my current reflection.  Every now and then, and hopefully more now than then, I’ll deliver a classic and stew in my juices while basking in my sunshine that I’ve delivered a middle-aged man reflection bordering on greatness, as defined by me.

And the content here will continue to grow just like it did earlier this week with its 800th blogflection when Pierini Fitness quietly joined the 800 Club.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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