Thursday, July 31, 2014

Introducing Pierini Fitness IV

Almost 88 years ago, my father was born and his father - my grandfather - named his son after him with the same first name but a different middle name.    

It was the beginning of a family tradition because almost 30 years later, I was born and my father named me after him with the same first name and middle name.  

The suffix Jr. became part of my name to distinguish my father from me.  Among family and close friends, he was Big Ed and I was little Eddie.  

Fast forward another 25 years to the birth of my son.  It was a no-brainer for me when it came to giving him a name; I didn't even ask for input from others.  I don't recall my wife exerting pressure on me about what name to give our son; it doesn't mean she didn't but merely that I can't recall.

So following a tradition that began 53 years earlier, I "crowned" my son with my first name and middle name like my father did for me.  Again there was one difference with him too having a suffix - this time III - as part of his legal name to distinguish him from his father and grandfather.

Over the next 30 plus years, it seemed like this tradition might have run its course as all indications were that the next generation of Pierini male descendents would bear a different first name in what would be the beginning of a new naming tradition.  I was personally OK with this and more interested in one day being a grandparent rather than the name of my future grandchild.    

One week ago on July 24, 2014, exactly one year and two months of the day my father died, I became a grandfather about four weeks ahead of schedule.  To my surprise, my son asked me to name my new grandson to which I replied that such an honor rightfully belonged to him as it was his turn because I had had my turn.  But he was persistent that he wanted me to have this noble duty.  Again, I hesitated but encouraged my son that I had full confidence in his son-naming abilities. 

After sharing this discussion with my wife, she made me realize that my son's request was genuine and that I should honor it.  After brief reflection, I agreed and had a couple days to discern and make my decision.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life and still is and the same is true for my son.  My deceased father's fitness example cultivated that perspective and lifestyle in me.

In honor and memory of my father, the first name and middle name of my new grandson is a familiar one and his complete name includes the suffix IV.  To my cyberspace fitness brothers from different mothers - introducing Pierini Fitness IV.

Grandpa and grandson on day two of life
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