Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Something to be celebrated

As an older fellow still on the fitness training saddle, chasing fitness goals need to be age-adjusted for best results.  What might have been a goal in my 20’s to do 100 burpees in under seven minutes may now be do so in less than ten minutes.  This has been a goal for several years that for some strange reason, lack of patience and perseverance come to mind, has alluded me.

Until last week!

I finally completed 100 burpees in under ten minutes - nine minutes forty-seven seconds to be exact.  

While my goal has been to do 100 burpees with hands extended overhead jumps for each rep, I had to further tailor downwards my goal sans the jump.  Now that I’ve accomplished the sub-ten-minute benchmark, I’ll soon start doing burpees again with this demanding jump and see how long it’ll take me to enter sub-ten-minute land again.

Here's my recent effort:

I received an accolade from a fellow cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother who shared the following brilliant wisdom soundbite:

“Every day we’re the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be so every (fitness) personal best is something to be celebrated.”

Thank you Gus GainBros for your sage wisdom and, yes, I agree, my recent age-adjusted fitness accomplishment is something to be celebrated.

 Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum