Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sono in vacanza

There's a lot of darn good content here at Pierini Fitness if this chief executive blogger must say so himself.  Middle-aged man reflections about living and dying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life.

Not to mention good middle-aged man diet, fitness and health stuff too.

So enjoy any of the almost 900 blogflections in the archives until I resume adding new content here in early August.  There's something here for everyone, even if you've read some of all of them before.

Enjoy this brief summertime rerun season, starting now, because this middle-aged man says, "Sono in vacanza."

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Monday, July 18, 2016

Now go flaunt yours!

This chief executive blogger continues being busy with his work and preparing for an upcoming vacation.  So he's short on his world-renowned blogflections here at Pierini Fitness.  

I suppose you can say, "the cyberspace cat has got his blogflection tongue."

But while I may be short on both written and oral reflections about life in my middle-aged man fast lane, there's always time for me to engage in one of my favorite pastimes - flaunting my middle-aged man roar.  Click below and listen up.

It always feel good when I flaunt my middle-aged man roar.  

Now go flaunt yours!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Monday, July 11, 2016

Real bloggers have day jobs

I remember years ago a good karate friend of mine, who was a high school teacher in his day job, had this unbridled passion for music.  He played several instruments but the fiddle, I believe, was his favorite.  He was part of a couple ensembles that performed here and there, sometimes for pocket change and other times free and for the pure joy of participating in his musical passion. 

Anyway, I remember he had this bumper sticker on his truck that read “Real musicians have day jobs!”  He’s recently retired and now I’m sure, since he’s a real musician, his musical pursuits will be his new day job.  I wish him well as he enters a new and exciting chapter in his middle-aged man life.

Well real bloggers are no different.   This chief executive blogger has a rather full plate of work to do this month with his day job.  Consequently, his delivery of the world-renowned middle-aged man reflections appearing here at Pierini Fitness may be slow and/or delayed this week, and possibly this month, because real bloggers have day jobs.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Friday, July 8, 2016

Mangia mangia!

Earlier this year, a couple paesani researchers in the terra dei miei antenati concluded that their “comparative analysis of data from two different Mediterranean populations supports that pasta intake is negatively associated with both indexes of obesity status and prevalence of overweight and obesity.”

Translation please for us middle-aged men meatheads!

According to one internet news article, “Eating pasta is not fattening and actually decreases the chances of becoming obese, a new Italian study has found.

Researchers added in their discussion how their results are in agreement with a prior study examining food and nutrient intakes in association with the body mass index of American middle-aged adults.  That prior study reported that pasta intake among other food groups was negatively associated with body mass index. 

Moreover, they added, evidence from Greek islands supports a favorable role of carbohydrate intake on central and general obesity.

So what is this middle-aged man’s “of first impression response” to this news?

Mangia mangia!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Do as you’ve done

So I’m about one month back on the fitness saddle after having some time off that turned out to be longer than expected.  Happens every now and then typically when life gets in the way of regularly-scheduled fitness workouts that are seldom missed.

Well in my time-out, as can be expected, I experienced some fitness erosion.  Happens every now and then because, as this middle-aged man constantly reminds himself, he’s only as good as his last workout.

But when that day came when I was ready to saddle up and jump on my fitness pony, I had to ask myself what would I do.

I knew I was nowhere near the peak conditioning earlier before my time-out began.  I also knew that whatever I did, my fitness training had to match my fitness personality.

So I did what I’ve done in the past when trying to get motivated to resume fitness training.  I reviewed my past training journals noting not only what was my last workout but also what I had done in the past year.  What a treasure chest of fitness training information I’ve accumulated over the years.

After some pondering, I made a “business decision” to pick one of my favorite workouts, one that I would regularly do about every week to 10 days.  It’s one of my anaerobic conditioning measuring stick workouts, a single kettlebell complex called the Power 5 that I perform using a 20-kilogram kettlebell.

Here’s a video of me performing a round of it almost two years ago:  

Except this time, I knew I had to tailor this workout to recognize my current conditioning.  I did this by modifying the number of rounds completed and how much recovery time I allowed myself between rounds.

After this workout, as I was huffing and puffing to regain my composure, I was reminded by my effort that there’s no need to reinvent my fitness training wheel.  It also reminded me that only my fitness conditioning had changed during my time out and not my fitness personality.  Again, my fitness training has got to match my fitness personality if I’m to stick with a good fitness training program.

So, therefore, I was reminded as so should you when jumping back on the fitness saddle, it’s best to do as you’ve done.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Middle-aged men cognoscenti

In  this middle-aged man’s gracefully aging journey, he has tried almost every conceivable “this and that” in chasing good fitness and health. 

He has explored and experimented with many diets and fitness training methods.

He has expended painstaking efforts to capture details about his good fitness and health efforts. 

He has taken these details and summarized them to create information that can best be described as vast and of tremendous personal archival benefit.  This allows him to know what works and what doesn’t work for him. 

He then tries to share this information here at Pierini Fitness for your benefit; to stimulate your thinking, give you perhaps a new idea, and encourage you to do the same in your own gracefully aging journey.  He hopes that you occasionally stumble across something that is of real value to you. 

What has emerged from his efforts is a middle-aged man who enjoys good fitness and health, not in a boisterous and prideful way, but rather with gratefulness, humility and the wisdom to know that whatever he has today can easily be gone tomorrow.

Do know that all he shares here are his original reflections.  He may refer to recent fitness and health research done by others.  He may also refer to recent news articles; not to cut and paste and present them as his own, but rather to refer to them and then present his middle-aged man take on things, oftentimes presented with his patented and unique “rough around the edges” way of expressing himself.

Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden at Pierini Fitness and this chief executive blogger believes those who practice it are, fakes, phonies and “sinners”.

Visit Pierini Fitness often for my very best middle-aged man reflections about living and dying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life.  There’s good middle-aged man, diet, fitness and health stuff here too. 

Visit often, read all that is here, and become part of the middle-aged men cognoscenti.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Friday, July 1, 2016

Middle-aged man macho accent

I recently read an interesting article about a woman from Texas who woke up from jaw surgery last December and now speaks with a foreign accent.  She suffers from what experts call Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS).  Apparently there have only been about 100 documented cases of FAS which was first described over 100 years ago.

FAS is a rare case in which someone afflicted with it suddenly wakes up one day speaking with a Southern twang or perhaps a British accent.  In the case of this Texas woman, she now “suffers” from speaking with a British accent.

I learned from reading this article how this syndrome usually develops after neurological damage such as a stroke and this causes the rhythm and tone of a person’s speech to suddenly change.  Experts warn us that any change in speech, such as an accent change, can be the first sign of a stroke and someone experiencing this needs to be immediately evaluated by a doctor.

FAS can be brought on by psychological reasons such as anxiety, depression or emotional trauma even if there's no physiological damage to the brain as in the case of a stroke.

Perhaps the psychological perils of being a middle-aged man can cause a similar condition in which we one day wake up from a deep sleep and ask our wives, in an older-version of Rocky Balboa vocal expression, “Yo honey, what’s for breakfast?”

If this happens, chances are we have what this middle-aged man expert calls MAMMA or middle-aged man macho accent.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum