Monday, July 11, 2016

Real bloggers have day jobs

I remember years ago a good karate friend of mine, who was a high school teacher in his day job, had this unbridled passion for music.  He played several instruments but the fiddle, I believe, was his favorite.  He was part of a couple ensembles that performed here and there, sometimes for pocket change and other times free and for the pure joy of participating in his musical passion. 

Anyway, I remember he had this bumper sticker on his truck that read “Real musicians have day jobs!”  He’s recently retired and now I’m sure, since he’s a real musician, his musical pursuits will be his new day job.  I wish him well as he enters a new and exciting chapter in his middle-aged man life.

Well real bloggers are no different.   This chief executive blogger has a rather full plate of work to do this month with his day job.  Consequently, his delivery of the world-renowned middle-aged man reflections appearing here at Pierini Fitness may be slow and/or delayed this week, and possibly this month, because real bloggers have day jobs.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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