Monday, July 5, 2021

Decreasing time intervals increasing speed burpees workout


My Burpees 2021 Journey continues, and I recently arrived at the halfway point towards my destination.  My journey is to perform 100 burpees workouts in 2021 where I complete at least 100 burpees.  In the process, I’d like to reclaim burpees performance on par with where I was at last year.  You see, I’ve experienced some burpees performance erosion.  This happens when you slack off and don’t do your burpees.

I’d like to do better than reclaim my 2020 burpees performance.  I’d like to achieve a goal that has alluded me for a long time.  It’s to complete 100 burpees in 10 minutes or less.  I almost got there last year but didn’t achieve it.  I’ve got some work to do if I’m going to have a fighting chance of achieving it by the end of 2021.  That’s my goal and I’m training with this in mind.

So, I’ve added some structure to my burpees training, borrowing some of the ideas I learned about when I was training to improve my one mile running time.  One workout consists of a longer and slow workout with some burpees volume, while the other days focus on speed.

One training day I’ve put together an interval workout that consists of decreasing time intervals with increasing speed.  It’s designed to help me achieve a negative split during my burpees workout.

What’s a negative split?  View this video where I explain it and you’ll also get an idea how this workout is done.

Mobile phone users, if the video doesn't appear below, click this link:

(3) Burpees Decreasing Time Intervals Increasing Speed Workout done by 66-years young middle-aged man - YouTube

Training to improve burpees performance is hard work but I’ve signed up for the task and am going to hang in there and do the hard work.  One way I’ll get to my destination is by regularly doing my decreasing time intervals increasing speed burpees workout.

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