Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanks a million Mr. Gruntbrain!

My older cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother who goes by the alias “Gruntbrain” recently mailed me one of his clever exercise gadgets that he made in his DIY (do-it-yourself) manufacturing facility. I call it the Gruntbrain Pocket-sized Total Gym.

It’s a simple gadget consisting of a webbing chain that you pass over a closed door or post to anchor a pair of “poor man gymnastic rings". I recently gave it a one-minute test drive in my office while at work and performed some non-structured assisted squat/rowing combinations and other random stuff.

Here’s a short video demonstration:

Gruntbrain tells me that I can also face the other direction and perform arm-assisted lunges with or without a pushup. I’ll give that combo a try once my injured right shoulder muscle completely heals.

Christmas came early this year at Pierini Fitness when my Gruntbrain Pocket-sized Total Gym arrived in the mail.

Are you too busy to exercise? No you are not if you have at least one minute to spare. I recommend one minute on the hour every hour while at work with the Gruntbrain Pocket-sized Total Gym for total fitness.

Thanks a million Mr. Gruntbrain!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

1 comment:

fishhead said...

Grunt ROCKS!!!

I have a piece of webbing with handles that I attach to a closed door and I do some of those exercises. Never done the kicks before though. I'll give that a try today.

Good job, Pierini!