Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do more pull-ups!

Santa Monica Beach circa 2006
I’ve made a 2014 business decision to resume weighted pull-ups in my training mix.  

They’ve been a favorite back building staple of mine in training times past.

Taking it slow and easy, this was my weighted pull-up workout last week:
First I spent about three rounds of ten-count each hanging from the pull-up bar to prepare myself for the work ahead. 
Then I did the following with all loads expressed in lbs:  #1 = bodyweight x 5 reps - #2 = 15x4 reps - #3 = 25x3 reps - #4 = 35x2 reps - #5 = 45x1 rep - #6 – bodyweight x 10 reps. 
That was it for the day. 
Then, a couple days later I did four sets of changing grip pull-ups and chin-ups as part of a superset while doing dumbbell bench press work.  
Here’s what I did that day:  #1 = standard-grip pull-ups x 8 - #2 = standard –grip chin-ups x 8 - #3 = wide-grip pull-ups x 8 - #4 – wide-grip chin-ups x 8.  All reps were at least two short of maximum.
There’s nothing spectacular about either of these pull-ups workouts and I’m a far cry from my yesteryear pull-up prowess.  I’m OK with that because I’m in pretty good pull-up shape for the pull-up shape I’m in.

Slowly, safely and surely, I’ll improve and hopefully match my yesteryear efforts of an 82-lb. weighted pull-up and a 100-lb. weighted chin-up.  They're a little harder now because I’m about 20 lbs. heavier and at least five years older.

There’s really no hurry because what will I do when I get there?  I know the answer – do more pull-ups!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

I was always interested in pullups due to my poor showing as a teenager. Eventually by working on them I got up to 22. Now at 66 years old they cause elbow pain. I found horizontal rowing to be a pain free substitute.

Pierini Fitness said...

22 is awesome, good for you and thanks for the inspiration.