Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not getting any younger

While others freely admit they’re “getting older”, this middle-aged man seals his lips when having these thoughts because there are so many other energizing affirmations to chant than this one.  

Why do I resist expressing that I'm getting older while knowing it's my biological truth?  

Is it because this middle-aged man feels more comfortable accentuating his positive rather than his negative?  

If that’s true then does it mean I consider getting older as something negative?

I beg to differ as evidenced in an earlier blogflection titled “In pursuit of gracefully aging” that you can read here.

It’s just that “getting old” is not a term in my vocabulary describing what’s going on with me.  I’m just, rather, gracefully aging as my biological clock marches forward.  

It’s a spin I’ve created and I’ll use it to my liking while letting others use their “getting old” expression.

This is consistent with what I see when looking at a glass filled with water to the half-way point - I see a glass half full and not half empty.

It’s not that I’m getting older but rather not getting any younger.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

Aging is inevitable.Sometimes I wonder if it is really worthwhile to live to an old age if disease or infirmness happens. I have seen too many I know who become so dependent on other for even basic human functions .

pierini said...

Time will tell and answer your question but my advance answer on your behalf is yes you will want to because because now your view from the grandstand is different than your future view on the playing field when facing the grim reaper.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Anonymous said...

Good answer.However I think taking the quality of your life in account is important. In other words do you want to live or to just exist?

pierini said...

Yes and (yes yes).

Anonymous said...

I may be having a senior moment but did you answer yes to just existing?

Anonymous said...

A review of your comments on prior blogs Mr. Pierini tells me you did answer yes to just existing. As you previous stated one would not know until he is facing the grim reaper. Right now I feel that would not be my choice.

pierini said...

Time will tell.