Thursday, January 16, 2014

Strength and conditioning

80-lb. weighted pullup
 circa June 2009
Some bloggers use their blogs as a workout journal.

When I started blogging five years ago, that’s what I thought I’d do.  

But early in my blogging journey, I discovered a joy of middle-aged man written reflections and swayed in that direction.

Today I’m short on time so I'll share details of my last gym workout two days ago.    

Tuesday, 1/14/2014
Arrived at the gym about 7:00 a.m. and spent about 20 minutes waking up my stiff middle-aged man body with various flexibility drills.  

All loads below are in lbs.

Barbell overhead press – 45x3 – 45x3 – 65x1 – 85x1 – 105x1 – 115x1 -135x1 – 140x3 – 150x2 – 155x2 – 160x1 – 165FAIL – 160x1 – 120x10.

Weighted pull-ups – BWx7 – 25x5 – 35x4 – 45x3 – 55x2 – BWx10

Anaerobic conditioning – kettlebell one-arm hang power snatch – right side x 10 reps plus left side x 10 reps equals one round.  I completed ten rounds in 14:48.

My training is pretty simple nowadays with just a couple exercises each workout.  One is push-oriented and the other is pull-oriented.  I’m nursing a lower-extremity injury so squat work is on sabbatical right now.

My current training can best described as having a theme of strength and conditioning.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

After watching some senior citizen men(late 60s early 70s) who have trouble just walking,I think you are doing great.

pierini said...

Well thank you sir and thank you for visiting Pierini Fitness. At 58 and 95 cents, I'd like to think of myself as having a way to go before entering late 60s early 70s land.

Anonymous said...

I wondering if you think you should moderate the exercises you do as you get older? I realize you are a lifetime fitness enthusiast but our bodies age no matter how fit we are.

pierini said...

I agree with you and have slowed down and am sure I'll continue doing so as my Father Time clock continues ticking away to the last chapter