Monday, November 9, 2015

Somersault on a trampoline

With 8 weeks remaining in this 2015 year, it’s only natural for this middle-aged man to start giving more serious thought to his next calendar year of scheduled life.  And perhaps this thought I’ll start giving will be more than what I would have done in prior years.  There’s a reason this might be so.

After planning and analyzing where I am and where I believe my future will be, I’ve had much comfort and safety in my scribbled thoughts and crunched numbers from untold private “futurizing” sessions.  I’ve been known to analyze stuff to death and must confess I’ve done so with all the stuff that’s been swarming in my head for a while.

But just like a young college student inebriated with their future and feeling safe because it’s still a tad far away, I’ve been sort of the same with the stuff I’ve pondered as my future for way too long. 

My party may be over and I’m closer to a cliff of change where I either jump off on my own controlling my when, or fall off by default hoping to cushion my fall.

This may all read like a mystery and it’ll remain so because the details of what’s swarming around in my mind quite frankly are not important to share at the blogosphere level; I’m merely engaging in encrypted middle-aged man reflections. 

What’s important is an emerging message that we, in our gracefully aging journeys, eventually get to the line in our sand where it’s time to take a giant leap to get from our here to our there with great hopes that this there to where we go will be better than this here of where we are. 

Time will tell if it’ll be my manifest destiny but indicators are starting emerge and present themselves of probable changes likely to unfold in the upcoming year of a new landscape and paradigm for this middle-aged man.    

And like a typical creature of habit, resistant to change, this middle-aged man just may just have to jump and hope for a safe landing like a scared-to-death kid taking his first somersault on a trampoline.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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