Friday, November 20, 2015

Too many Mexicans

A Los Angeles Times news article reported how fewer Mexicans are leaving their homeland for the United States. 

The article stated the following:

“Workplace raids by immigration agents, nose-diving birthrates at home and the economic slowdown north of the border have convinced nearly half of Mexicans surveyed that life in their native country is as good or better than what would await them if they crossed into the U.S., according to findings released Thursday by the Washington-based Pew Research Center.

The article further shared that family reunification is the explanation for 61 percent of the migrants returning home to Mexico.  They feel better living with “la familia”.

This chief executive blogger is of Mexican ancestry and residing in California highly qualifies him to offer his own analysis for this phenomenon.  Why does he believe fewer Mexicans are leaving their homeland for the United States?

It’s because they don’t like the crowded feeling in the United States of living among too many Mexicans.

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Anonymous said...

We're expecting 6 or more inches of snow where I'm at in the U.S. for tomorrow.

I believe snow and cold is the reason there are not a lot of Mexicans in Canada.