Friday, September 26, 2008

A dime a dozen

Well according to my definition, a middle-age man is someone who is more than 45 years but less than 70 years of age (see my blogflection of Friday, September 19th). I'm living my 8th year as a middle-age man, and proud to report that I've been fit and healthy all of those years. Thanks be to God!

My travels down the superfitness highway in the fast lane began when I was a young man as a soldier in the US Army, but I spent many young man years unfit and unhealthy chasing a college education and professional career. But that was then and this is now because today I am fit and healthy.

Fitness and good health sure feels good. So does getting compliments from others who tell me I am fit and healthy looking. This feel good feeling motivates me to train harder and eat healthier so I can become fitter and healthier. People notice that I am fitter and healthier and give me new compliments. This "vicious" cycle never ends and, without being on guard, it's very easy for me to become full of myself with this "look how fit and healthy I am" paradigm.

So where does it all end or does it? When I throw in the towel and relax, cutting back on my training and cheating on my healthy eating - enjoying a gluttony of forbidden foods and drinks? Maybe it will take having a major accident resulting in serious physical injury, or contracting a life-threatening illness that puts a different perspective in my narcissistic mind about what matters the most in life. I wouldn't wish that - the major accident or life-threatening illness part - on my worst enemy just like I wouldn't want it for myself. Or maybe it will take getting old and older as if it isn't possible for an old man to be fit and healthy.

Hopefully it doesn't end but stays at a sensible level with my own self-discovery and personal maturity, a sage wisdom that comes in time with aging and living a good and honest life. A self-realization that despite how fit and healthy I think I am, there's really nothing special about it, that I'm not alone but rather in the company of many who are the same as me. An everlasting awakening that I'm nothing more than a dime a dozen.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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