Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Secrets to being efficiently satisfied

Working very hard the past couple months has gotten me out of the loop with regard to my morning cup of coffee.  I normally brew and enjoy it in the comfort of my home but early morning work start times have me buying a daily cup on the go lately.   

For the past couple weeks, the place where I go has offered Italian Roast and that’s what I’ve been drinking.  It’s been absolutely delicious and has awakened me to this vintage as one I might switch to from my regular French Roast variety.

Anyway, this delicious morning cup of coffee has left me very satisfied and I’ve found myself having to work harder finishing it - I only drink one cup a day.  It has also made me think if there’s such a phenomenon of being so satisfied that less is needed. It’s made me wonder if that’s also true for other things in life.

For example, could a smaller delicious plate of food satisfy me quicker than a larger plate of bland “Army mess hall" type chow?  I have many memories of the latter during three years of military service forty years ago. 

Could a small collection of fine clothes meet my fashion needs better than a larger inventory of grungy middle-aged man clothes hanging in my closet?

Could five hours of deep sleep find me awakening the next morning feeling more awesome, cheerful and energized compared to ten hours of tossing and turning sleep? 

Could a well-designed, challenging and strenuous gym workout lasting 20 minutes offer me more fitness bang for my buck than a couple hours in the gym doing this and that with lukewarm intensity?

And finally, could being an awesome husband to my wife do a better job of keeping me out of the dog house than being an average one?

These are all questions I’m thinking about this April Fools’ Day while drinking my morning cup of coffee and pondering the secrets to being efficiently satisfied.

Pax  Domini sit semper vobiscum

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