Monday, July 31, 2017

Kick myself in the butt

This middle-aged man is being transparent in today’s blogflection here at Pierini Fitness by sharing I didn’t work out a single day this month.  I did go swimming one day but more time was spent floating than swimming.  While swimming a half-dozen 25-meter laps, my float time in the pool probably exceeded swim time by about a three-to-one ratio.

So, I’d like to share how I’m disgusted about this fitness training lethargy and plan on doing something about it!

In New Year’s Resolution-style, tomorrow is a new month and a good time to get back to middle-aged man fitness business as usual.

Of course, after goofing off a month, I’ll ease back into things.  With many years of fitness training and memorable training furloughs to draw from, I’ve got the smarts to get back on the fitness training pony safely and smartly.

And that’s what I’ll do.

Realizing that talk is cheap, I know I better walk my talk.  For guaranteed results, I’ll use a little fear with a threat promise to myself that if I don’t, I’ll kick myself in the butt.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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