Friday, May 24, 2019

The original Pierini Fitness

Six years ago, this day, my father died.  Every middle-aged man probably remembers this day if it has already arrived.  If it hasn’t, good for you but know that one day it will.  I suppose some will experience an outlier outcome of going first because it does happen.  We should never take for granted our longevity despite all we do in our fitness, health and wellness journey.  Sometimes, God has a different plan.

Today I fondly remember my Dad by rekindling my earliest memories and the last ones.  The sharing I’ll do here today focuses on the fitness ones because, after all, this is Pierini Fitness sharing.

My Dad’s fitness journey is one I’ve shared many times here at Pierini Fitness.  The amazing story of the time he met Charles Atlas is always a wonderful read.  But the countless stories of him training at the Sacramento YMCA and having the friendships he had with many other men of the era chasing strength and fitness are treasures mine to forever reflect on in my private moments.

Thank you being my father and giving me life.  Thank you for the joy of being your son.  Thank you for the pursuit of fitness you cultivated in me that I try my best at each day.

You will always be, in my mind, the original Pierini Fitness.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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