Friday, June 28, 2019

Grandpa bod

Pierini Fitness is enjoying this chapter of his middle-aged man life being a grandfather to four little boys. To them, he’s known as “Grandpa” which has a more familial soundbite to it. 

As I tell others who have arrived at this coveted status, grandfather-hood is an honorable profession.  We get another round being in the company of little ones who think we’re better than their favorite candy bar.

Well, almost because outdoing a little boy’s favorite candy bar is a tall task.

It gives him extra motivation to chase and achieve fitness, health and wellness goals to be able to keep up with them.  It’s easier now but will only get more challenging as Pierini Fitness marches towards old-man-land.

Staying fit, healthy and well will make it easier to give them a pony back ride, get on the floor and have a wrestling match with them, maybe put them in fun and gentle headlock or hammerlock and expand their vocabulary of another meaning of the word “Uncle.”

But it’ll only be a matter of time when the tables turn.  Pierini Fitness remembers when that happened with his son.  The day when he could no longer run faster or longer than his son.  Such will eventually be the case with the grandsons. 

So, he must be diligent with his middle-age man fitness training and with his eventual old man fitness training.  He wants to be able to keep up with them, whatever the physical fitness activity happens to be.

There’s another vanity reason why Pierini Fitness will continue being diligent with his middle-aged man fitness training. 

To avoid the visual unpleasantries of having a grandpa bod.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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