Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Happy Birthday 11 Pierini Fitness

Just checking to let Pierini Fitness sports fans know I’m still alive and well.  My absence has been due to a combination of factors including creative dryness, managing economic matters and a dose of middle-aged man lethargy.  I’ve been fitness training, so the lethargy isn’t there but in crystalizing my middle-age man thoughts and capturing them in a written reflection.

It happens every now and then and is nothing to be concerned about.  I’m not sure it’ll totally passed but eventually it will, in a matter of time.  This is something that can’t be rushed because it has a clock of its own which sometimes differs from what my sports fans or I would like. 

Be patient, it’s just a matter of time.

But today it was necessary to make a guest appearance and extend a happy birthday greeting to Pierini Fitness who turns 11 years old today.

It was August 28, 2008 when Pierini Fitness was “born” in the rugged blogosphere and immediately began its mission of documenting and sharing my middle-aged man fitness training workouts while driving down the super-fitness highway.  This mission quickly changed one day when I wrote and posted what has become one of my favorite reflections about how every man who looks in a mirror sees a 16-year-old kid.  I liked this expression so much that it became the title of my first book.    

When that reflection was written and posted here at Pierini Fitness, I knew I had stumbled across something of value, so I changed gears and Pierini Fitness became a place where I began sharing my middle-aged man reflections about living and dying, gracefully-aging and trying to live a good and honest life.  Over 1,000 blogflections later with a couple sabbaticals along the way, I’m still at it and, God willing, will continue doing so until I become an old man in a little over five years from now.

Blah, blah, blah, enough said. I’ll be back soon with fresh content but today, it’s only fitting and proper than I compose this reflection with a greeting, Happy Birthday 11 Pierini Fitness.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Machinehead said...

Happy Birthday to Pierini Fitness!

Pierini Fitness said...

Thank you, almost a teenager. Hope to have some more pearls of wisdom soon. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.