Friday, January 17, 2020

Soon-to-be rich Medicare Man

Pierini Fitness is jumping with joy because his economic toil of paying high health insurance premiums is coming to an end next month.  In fact, I paid my last highway robbery health insurance premium late last month for January 2020.  I will no longer write another check each month for $836 because next month I’ll officially be a Medicare Man.

My new monthly health insurance premium cost will now consist of what’s called the Part B amount and the amount I pay for supplemental insurance not covering what Medicare pays.  

I won’t bore you with the details because it’s an amazingly detailed and bureaucratic economic maze that I’m sure employs tens of thousands of government employees at the Social Security Administration to shuffle the paper and collect the monthly premiums Medicare people pay each month.

The bottom line is that my monthly cost will now be $220 which $616 a month – or $7,392 a year – less than what I have been paying.  And, I will also get a free gym membership.

So, not only will I soon be a Medicare Man but a soon-to-be rich Medicare Man.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Machinehead said...

Congratulations! I'm rapidly approaching the same position.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Machinehead, thanks for visiting Pierini Fitness. Let's keep marching forward as gracefully aging Medicare Men in our fitness, health and wellness journeys. Enjoy your day.

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

I became one this month! Welcome to the Club ;)

Pierini Fitness said...

Thanks for visiting Pierini Fitness Blackthorn D. Stick and thanks for the early welcome but I won't enter Medicare Man zone until February 1st. Hope to see you soon on "the other side."

Enjoy your weekend.