Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Burpees 2021 Journey

Earlier this year, I began my Burpees 2021 Journey with a goal of performing a 100 burpees workout for 100 days in 2021.  I started my journey on January 1st and completed 100 burpees that day in 15:56. I was off to a good start.

But along the way, this good start changed.  Lackluster enthusiasm for the task, a sternum injury along the way, followed with some right-hand and wrist injuries that still linger, and before I knew it, I was behind the performance pace needed to complete 100 burpees workouts for the year.  As of the end of May (yesterday), I’ve only completed 24 burpees workouts and my last burpees x 100 workout’s time of 15:46 is only 10 seconds faster than my January 1st effort.  I have a long way to go.

By frame of reference, last year on June 1st, I began a Burpees x 100 Summer 2020 Countdown, completing 100 burpees in 12:48.  Therefore, it’s now taking me about three minutes longer to complete 100 burpees than last year.

My goal for the first day of summer last year was to complete 100 burpees in 11:00.  I accomplished this goal on June 19, 2020, with a time of 10:46.  

As is often the case with burpees, I eventually got burned out, distracted, and eventually lost the burpees conditioning gained from my Summer 2020 Countdown effort.

To jumpstart my lethargic effort thus far this year, I’ve decided to start today a Burpees x 100 Summer 2021 Countdown with plans on completing 100 burpees each day until the first day of Summer 2021 on June 20th.  It’ll be like last year’s countdown except I’ll not set a time goal for the first day of summer but promise to make my best effort each day.  It would be nice, however, to knock three minutes off my current time, which would be a time of 12:46, but we’ll see.

If I get a burpees workout in every day until the first day of summer, that’ll give me 45 burpees x 100 workouts year-to-date for 2021, a much better position to be at mid-year with a goal of 100 burpees x 100 workouts for 2021.

Wish me well and follow along as I share the details of my Burpees 2021 Journey.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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