Monday, February 14, 2022

I am now on my way out


Some of our fitness brothers from different mothers we know upfront and close; they may be gym workout or running partners. For those of us who frequent and participate in internet fitness discussion forums, we have these other fitness brothers that we befriend in cyberspace.  

Our sense of these fellows is influenced by their internet characters, imagination and sharing of fitness experiences and knowledge.  Sometimes, these cyberspace relationships evolve to an upfront and close acquaintanceship when discovering that someone might live within our striking distance.

This was my case with one person who I just learned over the weekend has Stage 4 lung cancer. He “dropped this bomb news” at the internet fitness discussion forum he established years ago.  He shared how he’s close to the end of his life.

Wow, that was hard to learn!

The title of his discussion topic where he made his announcement was: “I am now on my way out”.

His message was brief, but he did express two thoughts that will stick in the minds of those who know him for a long time.  The first was that he was very weak so he wouldn’t be reading any best wishes messages that forum members may express.  The second was that he wanted everyone to know that each of us are in his heart.

It's likely that will be the last time I’ll ever hear from him.

Death news, including eminent death announcements, are hard to swallow and the lump in my throat that arrived upon reading this news still lingers. 

I had the privilege to know this person beyond a cyberspace acquaintanceship, having spent time with him about four times, including one time when I introduced him to Tommy Kono, America’s greatest Olympic weightlifter.

Our gatherings were made possible because he lived about 45 minutes from me.  I vividly remember one time when he and his wife visited my wife and I at our home.  We had an enjoyable conversation, including an equitable exchange of middle-aged man wit and wisdom.  Shortly thereafter, he relocated to another state, but we still had awareness of each other via his internet fitness discussion forum.

In a private e-mail I sent him sharing my prayers and well wishes, I preceded it by sharing all of this.  While I’m unsure if he’ll read it, it would be nice if he did but what I hope the most is that he’s comfortable and pain free during the remainder of his life.

The title of his fitness discussion forum announcement may one day be how I make my eminent end-of-life announcement that “I am now on my way out.”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Alan OldStudent said...

Very well said, brother Pierini

Pierini Fitness said...

Thank you.