Friday, June 24, 2016

Middle-aged man abstract mindset

Grandpa's middle-aged man mindset - by Pierini Fitness IV - May 2016
Composing original middle-aged man reflections appearing here at Pierini Fitness requires an ability to think deeply and reflectively with an abstract mindset.

One mindset commentator notes that as you develop your abstract mind, new horizons open with a bird’s eye view of life and the world.  You no longer remain stuck inside being a prisoner of your thoughts, feelings and environments.

This commentator claims that one in an abstract mindset will not sit on the fence watching others achieving their goals while doubting themselves but, instead, will soar like an eagle able to see the overall picture with clear vision and total understanding.

Sounds good to me which, by the way, has always been my cerebral paradigm.

How does this chief executive blogger cultivate his abstract mindset?  Well he now has a new tool in his toolbox to do so. 

It’s a little grandson’s first artistic creation recently painted by him last month at the ripe age of 22 months.  This artistic treasure is now framed and hanging on the wall at home available to help cultivate my middle-aged man abstract mindset.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

That's great.

Have it digitally enlarged to wall l/w, in oil paint. You could probably sell that large version to any number of office buildings in most major downtown cities for a lot of cash. Especially if you say it's the first work by an up and coming reclusive artist.

Pierini Fitness said...

Well thank you for that comment. Will present this great idea to the little artist and see what is his reaction.

Thanks for your visit. Enjoy your day.