Friday, September 1, 2017

His sky is always blue over yonder

Always a breath of fresh air and a break from now burdens, challenges and toils of daily living, is some refreshing daydreaming thinking about tomorrow, best described as an infinite series of breaths and moments in a continuum of time beginning with the next breath and moment and, for best results, never-ending.

It’s a great American pastime we engage in from time to time.

This middle-aged man recently spent some time blue sky daydreaming and it was fun while it lasted.  But, now, his blue sky has ended, until the next time, and he’s back at it, in his now, trying to make the best of it while dodging and hurdling his now burdens, challenges and toils of daily living.

While daydreaming, he found himself mesmerized by inebriating images and visions best described as euphoric, hallucinating and intoxicating.  And, they existed in a visionary landscape of very blue skies. 

This middle-aged man likes a blue sky, physical and mental, of the adjective and verb varietals.

It doesn’t matter if my blue sky, the adjective, is not yet practical or profitable; it’s still my daydream to enjoy. 

Nor does it matter if my blue sky, the verb, is making impractical or, yet, unachievable plans; it’s still my daydreaming to enjoy.

What matters is I’m enjoying my blue sky, and all middle-aged men deserve quality blue-sky time for their sanity.

"Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see."
Verse from Blue Skies by composer Irving Berlin, circa 1926

So, this is something I'll continue doing from time to time, much like how someone enjoys a glass of fine wine after a hard day's work.

His sky is always blue over yonder.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

Enjoy a video version of this middle-aged man reflection below

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