Thursday, April 25, 2019

Full of myself

Get around a bunch of middle-aged men and women who happen to enjoy good fitness, health and wellness and it’s a matter of time before you hear chatter about how they feel and look younger than they really are.  I used to chatter such nonsense but no more.

This chatter typically is how other people mistakenly believe they’re at least ten years younger than their actual age, as if this other person saying this, obviously dead-wrong, is an expert guessing someone’s age.  You know, like that county fair person who you pay to guess your weight within three pounds and if he doesn’t you win a teddy bear prize.

I read this one 68-year-old middle-aged man chump’s comment on a fitness discussion forum where he touted how he feels like his 40’s and people guess his age at early 50 consistently. Oh really?  Who are these people?  Members of the bingo brigade at his neighborhood senior center with an average age of 85 years?

It’s humorous and to think that I once drank the same Kool-Aid and contributed to the chatter.

Some of this chatter has a tit-for-tat element to it.  You tell me how I don’t look my age but ten years younger (tit) and I’ll tell you the same (tat.)  I don’t buy it.

Despite my “famous” middle-aged man slogan and a book I authored - “Every Man Who Looks in a Mirror sees a 16-year old kid” - I confess my utterance is merely in jest.

Being honest, I’m 64, look 64, feel 64 and happen to be pretty darn fit for a 64-year-old middle-aged man.  It’s the other people my age who happen to look and feel older.  Can’t help them, have my hands full of myself.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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