Monday, April 1, 2019

An update of my Lent 2019 OMAD journey

Today is the 27th day of my Lent 2019 OMAD journey.  By the way, in case you don’t know, OMAD stands for one meal a day.

If you missed it, Pierini Fitness chose to practice a demanding form a fasting during Lent 2019 that began on March 6th.  He’s fasting 22 hours each day and eating during a very small feeding window of two hours, but not until the sun sets.  Additionally, he’s chosen to abstain from meat during Lent.  He’s never done anything this demanding before so thought it would be a good idea to give Pierini Fitness sports fans another update on how it’s going.  The last update was on March 15th.  If you missed it, you’re welcome to find and read it. 

So, how is it going?

As previously reported in my March 15th update, not bad.  I don’t recall ever going this long fasting this way or abstaining from meat.  I’m sure as an infant, there was a longer period when I didn’t eat meat, those early days when being breastfed or guzzling baby formula.  I’d have to ask my Mom for details and know she wouldn’t remember how long it was as an infant before I had my first meat dinner. 

Sun sets a minute later each day and today, according to my sources, it sets at 7:28 pm so that’s when I’ll begin eating.  It’s a little later than what I’d like but my Lent 2019 promise was made and so it’ll be. 

The hardest time with this fasting schedule is the last two hours.  This is because I’m generally home and not as occupied with work. I’ve done various things to keep my mind occupied, ranging from a light resistance bands workout, doing minor chores and even laying in bed just relaxing after a hard day of work.

Another hard time is Sunday because that’s the day I run for 60 minutes, generally around noon.  After my run, I have a long wait before feeding time.  It’s a challenge but a great opportunity to test my mental toughness.    

What about my abstinence from eating meat?

Surprisingly, I haven’t missed, too bad, being a carnivore.  A couple times, meat thoughts entered my mind.  One was a passing thought about eating one of my favorite lunchtime meals when on the go, a chicken teriyaki rice bowl.  The other was thinking about the giant plate of barbeque baby back ribs I ate on Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent 2019 began. 

Since I didn’t want to lose any more weight during my OMAD journey, I’ve had to eat more than what I had prior.  And, I’ve had to taper my workouts.  Although, being busy with work has contributed more to tapering my workouts that OMAD.  Despite these adjustments, I’ve lost a few lbs. but nothing to be concerned about.

What I’ve shared might be a yawner for some and if this is your case, oh well.  I just wanted to make it a matter of my Pierini Fitness archives, so this is an update of my Lent 2019 OMAD journey.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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