Monday, July 22, 2019

Last long training run for Wharf to Wharf 2019

Last Friday I was in Santa Cruz on business and had an opportunity to take in a long afternoon run.  It likely was the last long training run before my upcoming 6-miler fun run this Sunday, the Wharf to Wharf 2019.

While the rest of the country was sizzling and sweating with an unpleasant combination of record-high temperatures and high humidity, Pierini Fitness was enjoying a meandering 8-mile steady-state run from the west side of Santa Cruz to beach-view running path along West Cliff Drive.  The run was a loop of four miles out and four miles back with a mid-afternoon temperature of 64F degrees.

For the middle-aged man data geeks, my 8-mile run took 1:24:12 to complete which is a 10:31 mile pace. 

According to my Garmin Forerunner 35, my average heart rate during this run was 139 beats per minute or approximately 77 percent of my maximum heart rate.  My highest heart rate during this run was 149 beats per minute or 83 percent of my maximum heart rate.  I burned 1,073 calories during this 84-minute run and worked up a big sweat and giant appetite. 

What a difference a 25F degree cooler temperature, an ocean breeze and pleasant scenery makes on my workout heart rate.

Here’s what my mile split times were:

Afterwards, I drank lots of water and ate big but, apparently, not enough because the following day, I woke up hungry as a bear.  So, it was necessary that I front-load my daily food fueling with about a 1,500 calories early lunch.  This tamed my hunger beast by early Saturday afternoon, and it has been quiet since then.  I took the rest of the weekend off so today is the beginning of one of three remaining running workouts as I taper and tweak my conditioning for hopefully what will be a fun run and a decent time.  My goal is to complete the 6-mile course in 54 minutes or a 9-minute mile pace.

And this, Pierini Fitness sports fans is your Monday morning middle-aged man executive briefing of my last long training run getting ready for Wharf to Wharf 2019.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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