Monday, March 29, 2010

Another 20 minutes to spare in my day

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Last week I was only able to get to my gym once for a workout on Monday afternoon. Leaving the office later than expected and wanting to be good on my promise to be home by a certain time, my workout was a whopping 20 minutes long. It was a variation of one that I’ve done many times consisting of six sets of barbell front squats in combination with a different set of pullups or chinups from my 6-grip pullup/chinup medley.

Well today is Monday and it’s one week later so that means it’s time for another gym visit. As busy as I am there’s certainly another 20 minutes to spare in my day.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

1 comment:

Justin_PS said...

Hey, 20 minutes can be deadly if you know how to make it work right! I spend a lot of time over at my place talking about how to make 20 minutes hurt a lot!

Not that I want you to follow it, that is. Take care of your shoulder and your no-doubt withering sanity. April will be done and over with soon!