Thursday, March 18, 2010

Within striking distance of our best

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On Tuesday, friend who is a financial advisor to one of my clients stopped by my office for an impromptu visit. I’ve known my friend since college and one of our common interests as of late is middle-age man fitness. We are about the same age.

My friend was sharing his comments about my The Pierini DIET book and my previous exercise suggestion that the ab plank is really the only exercise necessary to work his ab/core musculature. We talked about other middle-age man diet and fitness stuff during his 20-minute visit.

Perhaps because my training has been on the short side as of late due to work and my friend’s comment that he’s lost a little of earlier gains from disciplined eating and training, my concluding comment was that where he’s at and where I’m at may be good enough.

It’s not feasible or necessary to always be at our best – however we define our “best” – with the weights we lift, the number of reps we perform, or how our muscles appear to others and us. It’s more sustainable, however, to always be close to our best, much like a boxer who is within a few pounds of his fighting weight with one week to go before a fight. Or like the marathon runner who is within 50 meters of the leader who is pacing himself for the last 100 meters for a sprint finish to win the race.

Where is a good place to be with our fitness training, health and wellness in relation to our absolute best? What I advocate is that we be within striking distance of our best.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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