Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My last workout

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Last Friday I finally made it to the gym after an unplanned 11-day time-out. Work and other stuff kept me away from my training despite my often-repeated “something is better than nothing”.

My workout was simple yet challenging and excluded overhead and pressing work since my shoulders still bother me. It consisted of six sets of a combo of barbell squats followed by pullups/chin-ups. On odd-numbered sets, I did back squats and pullups and on even-numbered sets I did front squats and chin-ups. I stayed south of maximum loads for the squat work and maximum reps for the pullups and chinups.

Today I’m still sporting some lower-extremity muscle soreness from the squat work proving, once again, my middle-age man mantra that "I’m only as good as my last workout".

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Franklin said...

Nice combos! Elevens off is a lot but not so much that its not difficult to get back into training groove.

Sorry to hear the shoulders are still giving you problems. Did you ever try the surgical tube exercises I suggested? If not, go ahead and try for a few weeks .. you will be pleasantly surprised.

pierini said...

Hi Franklin,

I must tell the truth and confess that I haven't been diligent with those exercises and, as a result, my recovery harvest is not bearing much fruit.

Thanks for the reminder. I visited your blog recently and was pleased to learn of the progress you are making with your training.

Keep up the good work and be safe.