Friday, March 19, 2010

Somebody has got to do it

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Sometimes I wonder if my daily blogflections are sufficiently fitness-oriented to support the Pierini Fitness banner. After all, Pierini Fitness was originally conceived as this middle-age man’s cyberspace chronicle of his journey down the superfitness highway in the fast lane. Is that still true? Perhaps I’m not the fitness animal I use to be.

Maybe this calmer, older and wiser me’s calling card is no longer the fitness stuff he does and knows, but other stuff; hence a growing trend of daily blogflections sharing middle-age man words of wisdom and occasional economic and political thought. Whatever the "blogflection de jour" happens to be, your caveat is to read everything I write at your own risk because I’m an expert of nothing and make no guarantees.

My lingering wonder could be solved if Pierini Fitness became only my cyberspace training journal where I diligently record my workouts with details about exercises performed, weights used and sets and reps completed. I’ve shared those details in a few of my blogflections but that stuff is not what drives me to show up every morning with cyber-pen in hand ready to compose.

This chief executive blogger thrives on composing blogflections expressing my thoughts and opinions about "this and that" and knowing that they are not dependent upon whether or not you believe them.

It’s this insatiable itch to honorably serve as the self-appointed “ambassador of middle-age men around the world and advocating their interests and expressing their views of the way life was, the way life is and the way life should be."

Somebody has got to do it.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

Somebody has to do it. I don't want the job. You just keep at it.

Justin_PS said...

One thing that I've experienced is when I'm training hard, trying to meet fitness goals, and I have the time to blog, I can barely type out blogs based on my experiences. When I'm cramped for time, stressed-out, and just training to maintain the habit of training, things are slow for me.

Tax season is stressful, I imagine. Give it some time and I'm sure that you'll be blogging about fitness at a break-neck pace.

The fuel's low and you're keeping the flame low to conserve. I get that. Just don't extinguish it!

pierini said...

Charles and Justin,

Thank you for your early-morning perspectives and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Have a great day!

fishhead said...

Hi Pierini,

I enjoy your blog, no matter what you write about. It's part of my daily early morning websurfing workout-haha.

Keep it up!
Your #1 groupie,
Donna :)

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