Monday, March 8, 2010


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From childhood memories of viewing episodes of the weekly television series Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, I’ve always liked dogs. I’ve owned dogs before but currently do not. The horror stories I listen to from clients and friends about their pets’ vet bills scare this hyper-frugal chief executive blogger.

Personally, I like to pet or engage in small talk with the dog of a friend or neighbor, enjoy its “company” and then walk off into the sunshine in joy from the pleasant experience. I also know how much companionship pets provide their owners such as the elderly who live alone or adults who have not been blessed with children.

Pets are respected members of a civilized society and should be free from abuse from owners or anyone else. Proposed legislation, however, by a California lawmaker that would require the names of California felony animal abusers to be placed in a registry like sex offenders and arsonists is another example of special interest groups and politicians looking to government to solve problems that are best left to the private sector.

The legislation, if passed, would put a levy on pet food of three cents a pound, estimated to be about $1.50 a year for the owner of one cat. What’s a levy? That’s a politician’s word for “tax”.

What’s next if this becomes law? Will some politician propose legislation to put a levy on pet owners who allow their dogs to relieve themselves when passing a public fire hydrant? How about a levy on owners who allow their dogs to bark in public? The levy – I mean tax – opportunities are endless. Maybe it’s the only solution that elected leaders of our cash-starved State of California could think of during these tough economic times.

My immediate reaction is to shake my head in disgust and utter “doggone!”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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