Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two minutes to spare

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A gym friend and I frequently engage in fitness small talk whenever we bump into each other. He’s in good shape but working on losing a few more pounds of bodyweight to be at his “fighting weight”. Like most, his workouts include fairly frequent cardio sessions of moderate duration to help him reach his goal.

So I shared my sage fitness advise to be careful that he doesn’t sabotage his bodyweight loss goal with too much cardio. I told him that oftentimes at the end of a long cardio pony journey, a stallion appetite awaits us.

A couple weeks ago he shared that he had reduced his cardio sessions from 45 minutes to 20 minutes and increased the intensity as I suggested, also sharing that he liked these shorter-duration and higher-intensity workouts. Telling him that was good, in the same breath of air I immediately followed with the suggestion that he decrease the duration and ramp up the intensity even more. I suggested he try the Concept 2 rowing machine and see how long it would take him to row 500 meters. I shared my experience with this cardio burst and how it left me spent and completely satisfied my cardio appetite.

Monday evening I bumped into my friend again and asked if he had taken the Concept 2 rowing machine for a drive yet. He had been dodging that cardio bullet after I suggested that a fit person like him ought to be able to complete 500 meters in about 1:50. He shared that he did go on his first 500-meter date but was disappointed because his time was 2:01. I told him that was a great first time and that there’s a performance strategy that he needs to discover to improve his time. He did share how spent he was after that two-minute cardio workout.

So the next time that life is getting in your way of cardio training, just simply ask yourself if you have two minutes to spare.

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