Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What goes up must come down

Gravity is the theoretical force responsible for the apparent attraction between a mass and the earth. Sir Isaac Newton was the first to fully recognize this force that holds us on the ground and causes objects to fall back to the ground after being thrown in the air.

Metaphorically speaking, there’s the gravity of life with all its ups and downs, such as the upper of when a daughter or son is born, and the downer of when a Mom or Dad dies. The upper of buying a first home, and the downer of losing it in foreclosure.

Then there's the gravity of good health like when blood pressure, blood sugar, bodyweight or cholesterol goes up or down.

Or the gravity of fitness and strength like the distance covered when running, the number of pushups done in a set, or the amount of weight lifted for a little repetition. With hard work these go up, but eventually go down if our training ceases and/or we age.

Gravity is always doing its job and here’s further proof:

Thanks to gravity, what goes up must come down.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh. What was the old song 'what goes up must come down'. Slapstick fitness would be good for the simple minded guys like me. Have a great day. Bob

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Bob and thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I was able to make you laugh.

Actually, to an untrained eye, it might look like that was dangerous. I see it differently - I missed!

Have a great day!